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Graphical Update
posted 09/08/12 01:11AM / by Mephistus

It's been a while since I posted the last updates. Yeah, I've been remaking some tilesets and map designs, so everything will look bright and better. I will be making new maps as forest and more catacombs.

I will add more details to the maps and hopefully more effects! Do you like it? please let me know your opinion! visit our forums!

Thank you very much!







New version 1.27a
posted 27/06/12 06:45PM / by Mephistus

Thank you for all your patience. Finally I've launched version 1.27!
I'd like to say, this is the most stable version of TROMO ever released, I have  spent many hours fixing bugs and adding new stuff.
This version presents the PvP system, in which any player will be able to engage in battle anywere you want, with a possibility of a 5x5 party battle. 

I've included many new items, and the new Xirtan Coins system, for those who want to contribute with the server expenses, there is cool stuff to buy with this "cash" system in the new Xirtan town, such as reset status points and skills scrolls. Other cash stuff in the future will be avaiable.

Well, I guess this is it. Thanks for the waiting. I hope you enjoy!


Version Log here :

Tutorial Map
posted 10/03/12 01:11AM / by Mephistus

We added a new tutorial map for this pre-version 1.26.25a. This new map will include some in-game basics like Battling, Magic Chest management and NPC / Quest.

After the tutorial, a new player shall get a free level and 100 gold! Hurray!



New version up! 1.26.22a
posted 22/02/12 11:39PM / by Mephistus

This pre-version is up, so players may use the new Magic Chest System which will allow them to store and retrieve items in magic chests spread around the world.

New updates coming soon
posted 23/01/12 03:46AM / by Mephistus


We're proud to annouce new updates coming soon.

This updates will include fresh and new maps, monsters and quests system.

New Server Update
posted 27/10/11 03:14PM / by Mephistus

Today we had to do some maintenance in our servers.
Unfortunately, we had to change the version of the outdated server components and protocols

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