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The Return of Magic Online Installer

Installer Version: 1.27a

Check below the System Requirements for running The Return of Magic Online:

- CPU: 1.0Ghz , 256 MB RAM (Recommended 1.5+ Ghz, 512+ MB RAM)
- 20 Mb Harddisk space (Recommended 50MB)
- Windows 98,ME,2000,XP,Vista or 7
- an active internet connection.(A Broadband Connection Recommended)

"The enemy army is powerful, they are full with PowerStone's greed and malevolence. But what this worth? Their hearts are rotten and their bodies are just carcasses. Put your weapons and shields together, tonight, we will bath in the sea of triumph! "
- General Karkatus



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Server is : ONLINE

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Tyr Arthron (Warrior)

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Hadia (Warrior)

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Raiza (Warrior)

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Ardoth (Archer)

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LordHannu (Warrior)

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Vincarnate (Mage)

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Dead Dark (Mage)

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Zehcuia (Mage)

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Bryan (Warrior)

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Lusoka (Warrior)